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The Zen category is a unique eastern-inspired collection of paintings devoted to those who seek peace and tranquility. One of the tenets of Zen philosophy is the belief that everyone who is capable of opening his mind may achieve the desired state of enlightenment. For those who would like to obtain such a status, we have devised a new collection of balanced themes which will certainly help in achieving the state of Zen enlightenment. Images from the Zen category are an excellent choice when you want to distant yourself from the problems of everyday life and spend some time in a perfect harmony and balance. Plants, flowers, stones and letters from Chinese alphabet. All of the themes as mentioned above will work perfectly well as the decoration of a bathrooms, bedrooms. Each of the pictures in this category is made of a sturdy canvas material (260mm/m2).  Deco-panel blocks and pictures in a frame are printed on lightweight paper (200g/m2) which is very sturdy and resistant. Get familiar with the detailed description of techniques and styles used in the printing of materials as mentioned earlier. All of our products can be printed in a variety of sizes and shapes. That is why you can easily adjust them to your interiors! Also, they are equipped with a proper set of fixing for easy and immediate mounting!

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