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Typographic - with inscriptions

Those who wish to announce their attachment to individual values and who appreciate the sense of humor combined with good fun will undoubtedly be attracted by the printed typographic posters in this category in a frame. It is a collection of different and popular sentiments that have become a hit in the decor of recent years and the absolute must-have trendsetters of new arrangements. All posters are printed on high-quality paper.

A significant thickness of paper strengthens its durability, makes it easy to roll and makes it resistant to any creases. Printed paper is glued to the disc, and the paper is fixed to the surface and placed in the frame according to the individual preferences of the client. The color to choose from: black, white, brown or natural. Each of the posters is equipped with a hook, so it is immediately ready to hang. If among our golden thoughts there is still not the one who guards you, contact us. For those who are interested in other poster formats or to publish their manifest, we make special orders, so to do the work.

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