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For those who love art and animals, thirsty for new interior solutions, we have prepared unique decorative products - modern animal sculptures that you can hang on the wall or at any other desired place. Fashion for ecological, bloodless and stylish trophies flourish at best, and it is worth taking inspiration from it. Equally impressive is the presentation of a "substitute" safari souvenirs or expeditions to the forest grove, a sculpture of rhino head or bust of a deer on the wall. We will be satisfied, and nature stays intact.

The presented products are hyper-realistic forms, made of high-quality plastic, with close attention to every detail. They look like exquisite works of contemporary art. They will be a perfect complement to any demanding, unconventional interior decoration in minimalist, Scandinavian, rustic, classic and glamor style. Animal sculptures on the white wall are universal and at the same time unique decoration in the bedroom, dining room, office, hallway. Such an addition to the interior will make every room unique and attractive to both the recipient and the guest.

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