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Maybe it's time to snatch a bit of magical beauty in the three-dimensional version? In this collection we offer you unique, original sculptures made by well-known and respected artists in Poland and abroad. Imagine, how good your interior arrangements will look with the presence of a stately decoration in the shape of a statue next to a sofa, an avant-garde bust in an office, or a beautiful hunting trophy - such as a deer's head on a wall.

Marked by the subtle taste of the work to bring to your environment element of craftsmanship and sensitivity. Here you will find pure, naturalistic spatial forms referring to the art of the second half of the 20th century, strange constructivist forms or ethereal female figures. Pieces of art offered in the gallery, your sculptures will delight your eye and your family or work associates, and maybe they will be the perfect 3D gift for regular and special occasions?

Apart from the surprise on the face of gifted individuals you will see also a happiness. Offered works are dedicated for all rooms - from classic, to the ultra-modern and minimalist. They are made in various techniques, using a variety of materials. Both enthusiasts of futuristic details as well as ecological minimalism will discover ornaments ideal for their own preferences. One thing is certain - sculpture is a kind of timeless decoration that impresses the audience.

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