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Decorations full of color and flavor seasoned with a drop of an artistic panache. Under the name "Premium" is hidden a collection of modern and original paintings. All products are designed with high precision and sensitivity by artists and graphic designers. Here you will discover the richness of modern design combined with traditional painting techniques - among others: watercolor, collage. This way you can be sure that you get a unique and exceptional product at a great price.  We present you breaking the traditional scheme of the picture suggestion: modern painting on the wall in the style of deco panel - rectangular, square, and in the form of a circle. The collection is inspired by the world of nature and abstract glass images such as glasspik, which are the perfect decorations for such rooms as the bathroom and kitchen. Also, deco panel images have hidden on the back a small frame, which creates a 3D effect on a wall. Such visual experience is something that cannot be missed by you nor anyone else. Vivid and bright colors of the presented landscapes in conjunction with cardboard imitating sand and water waves will distinguish the image on the background of other additions in the interior. If you are looking for a unique "wall decor" gadgets, choose ultra-modern Premium images with a decorative finish.

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