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If you don't know what you want to say choose a simple slogan or subversive poem in the form of an image. In the collection of framed posters, we have included a good portion of text for lovers of manifestos, puns, games, picture and stylish patterns. This is a collection of modern typography, graphic designs, fairy tale illustrations combined with text for those looking for a positive experience. Matte paper on which the posters were printed allows you to enjoy the image without reflections and distortions. The high basis weight of 200g per sqm makes the paper more durable, makes it easy to fold, and makes it resistant to creases. After printing the paper is glued to a board and put in a frame corresponding to the individual customer preferences as to color, which we can choose from: black, white, brown or natural. The poster frame is equipped with a hook so you can hang it easily wherever you want to show it. If among our golden thoughts is not the one that guides you, please contact us. For those interested in other formats or posters announcing their manifesto - we realize special orders, so let’s get to work!

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