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Pictures with a clock

Time is also the element - said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. And if in addition to intervening seconds, minutes, hours on the clock saw something more? For example, unique designs and motifs that draw you infinitely and absorb your attention, so you forget about everything else for a moment.

We present an original collection of beautiful deco panel clocks. Thanks to them each room (where you want to rest, work, relax) will gain exceptional wall decoration, and you will easily reign over the order of your activities and punctuality. You certainly will not forget the dates and these views, because in the offer we have collected the most valuable art treasures. They are waiting for you wise quotes, vast landscapes and compositions referring to modern art. You will find various variants of sizes and shapes (circle, square, rectangle), so you can easily choose the most appropriate ones for your home or office

Clocks with the image were made in a deco panel technology with a high aesthetic value.

Printed satin paper of 200 g / m 2 was glued to the HDF board, reinforced with a 1.5 cm thick MDF frame. The secret of attractiveness is that this frame is invisible to the viewer, and the image gains spatial features on the wall. There is also a hidden clock mechanism in its width.

Decorative clocks are recommended particularly for the reception, waiting rooms, clinics, doctors' offices, lobby - where we feel the time flows slowly. A lovely motif on the clock image will make the minutes get a little bit faster.

* One standard 1.5 V AA battery (not included) is required to activate the mechanism.

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