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Human nature is full of various sophisticated mysteries! As some say, each of us can wear a different mask, depending on the situation we are in. Such diversity is a great inspiration both for writers and artists. The variety of images depicting humans is a huge category, showing both old, wrinkled faces and young, well-built bodies. Such images can perfectly reflect the diversity of emotions and complicated feelings. Stylized portrait of a woman or her imprecise photo can enrich many interiors and satisfy the most refined tastes of its owner. 

Dynamic images, depicting dynamic human movement can easily stimulate the psyche of its potential viewer and motivate him to perform any physical activity. The possible representations of human characteristics allow us to enrich our interiors and even create a distinct art style! The superstars of the past, divas, captured with the perfect eye of a photographer, such themes will certainly fit both modern and classic interiors. Arrangements in colonial style in addition to shamanic masks or Asian weapons brilliantly highlight “National Geographic” style portraits (environment or endangered cultures and tribes from exotic corners of the world). Images which depict people are a perfect tool which certainly helps us to express our emotions, interests or even views, and that is the reason for their popularity!

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