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Unleash your imagination and immerse yourself in the unique world of magic and artistic vision. Thanks to the collection of original paintings you will discover what is the most valuable in everyday life and dreams: color, value, depth, poetry. The paintings offered here are unique works created using a variety of technologies - from oil painting, watercolors to new artistic conventions such as photomontage, collage, mixed media. Such a gorgeous array will allow you to find your favorite themes, motifs, and decorations easily.

Each artist has his own presentation of the work and a short biography, which makes it easy for you to follow the recesses of current trends in contemporary art.

Remember, the original painting has its own story, which we are happy to share in the comfort of your home or office. Thanks to it, the arrangement will gain new, better quality.

The images are carefully prepared for exposure, protected by a color-enhancing impregnate - it's a guarantee for you that you get a quality product.

Can not decide? Need professional advice? Are you looking for a unique gift for an art connoisseur?

We encourage you to contact people interested in discovering the meanders of paintings at:

E-mail: and phone +48 692 497 286 or +48 602 295 097. Here you will get the right answers to your questions.

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