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Deco Panel pictures

High-quality paper-printed images are a great alternative to canvas paintings, Regardless of the used material; they still carry a great charm! Deco-panel decorations are unique as they do not require any additional frame to hang on the wall! Each of our pictures is perfectly exposed on HDF board, which is additionally strengthened by an MDF frame which is 16mm thick. The MDF frame fixing is invisible, making the composition even more attractive for potential viewers! The frame above also strengthen the 3D effect! The edge of the board are tidily painted in black and white, so the image still looks very aesthetic even from up close. Such spatial deco-panel painting can surely perfectly perform as an excellent solution when it comes to decorating of large surfaces. The 3D frame will undoubtedly enrich the whole art making it even more beautiful and classy. Due to our wide range of themes, searching for your perfect inspiration will bring you a lot of inspiration and fun! All of our deco-panel paintings are designed for all interiors; they will perfectly fit any large flat or fill the role of the subtle decoration of our office.
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