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Cousin's birthday, wedding and the child's first birthday. It is associated with a family album of your favorite photos, which probably many of you have collected throughout their lives. Photos remind us of our loved ones, strengthen feelings and good relations. A photography reminding a wild party or personal victory can successfully decorate not only your memories but also a wall. Multiframes are another part of Feeby's offer, addressed to the thirsty to stop moments not only in memory but also on a wall. Multiframe is our personal album, which can get any shape we want. We offer frames in white, brown, black and natural, which can be arranged in various configurations and always look like one whole. The choice of variants of multi frames is very wide: there are sets with a dominance of frames of a larger format and configurations with a predominance of smaller frames. Multiframe as a whole can take the shape of a rectangle, square or another unique form. Due to its multi-element nature, it can be a perfect proposition for a diptych or a triptych. Each set of multi frame in Feeby store was equipped with a template, so you can easily mount frames without a risk of confusion.

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