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Mini dividing screens

What have we to beautify our space or furniture surfaces in the most important rooms of the house? For our customers, we have prepared a novelty that is a mini screen. It is composed of 3 elements made of MDF 2 cm thick, on which was wrapped printed canvas 260g / sq.m. The print is also visible on the edges, which enhances the impression of the aesthetics of the product. All elements are joined by metal hinges.

The screen is a good solution for those who appreciate both privacy and unique solutions in the arrangement of windows, which do not like curtains and want to shield their windows with something unique, attractive for both home and street pedestrians. Funny animal, or quote. The effect can be quite positive. The products presented here will decorate not only your window sill but also a desk, a shelf, a drawer. They can complete a set of accessories in the room as an item that matches curtains, cushions, carpets, and lamps. An impressive trick will also be to introduce in the interior two pieces with the same pattern: mini-screen and large screen, and hanging on the wall a canvas image.

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