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In order to get your favorite reproductions, posters, and photographs even more attractive to the eye, give them appropriate packaging. Diverse regarding size and color frames for posters made of MDF indeed meet such requirements. They will make any photo or favorite picture the one and only decorative addition. You can mix and match different colors of the luminaires on the wall to make the room cozier and intriguing. In our offer, we have prepared several types of frames for pictures and posters that we can exhibit individually or in a set. The frames were carefully cut of MDF boards and covered with durable veneer imitating the appearance of wood. The frames are so attractive that they can constitute standalone decorative items and successfully enrich more than one piece of a blank wall. It is a perfect decorative addition when we lack the ideas how to make it more appealing to the eyes of visitors and family members. For such problems a solution is found - see the wide range of images in our offer, which subjects were assigned to several categories. Look for them among your favorite motifs, and the problem with the lack of ideas for decoration will disappear once and for all.

* The dimensions of the products are internal dimensions (measured from the center of the frame) 

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