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Women love to get them, men to give them. Fragrant, sensual and plants arranged in a sophisticated manner can be a beautiful gift and decoration of the apartment. They have the power to express feelings when you run out of words. Plants are never quite enough, so flowers are such a grateful motive for such fields of art as photography or painting.

If there are not enough orchids on the windows, roses in the vase and poppies in the garden - we can always hang a picture of our beloved plants in a new, surprising view, e.g., as a multi-part picture. The charm and diversity of plants are after all unrestricted. The branches of blooming cherry, home gardens rose, large Dutch plantations of tulips occupying the whole field, are timeless motifs that will make our interior more attractive and emphasize the color of the room (e.g., lilies, lavender).

The products we offer have a broad range of formats. Ideas for original florist motifs are plenty, so it is worth to open up to the creative and passionate images of plants available on offer.

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