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Decorative hangers

Essential supplements that will make you and your loved ones more comfortable at home. The collection of decorative hangers mounted on deco panels will lift the weight of your problems of the beautification of empty walls. Literally and figuratively - because the maximum load for the entire image is up to 10 kg.

A collection of wonderful ornaments is designed for people who like to have the necessary things "at hand." They will beautify your hallway - and any keys will be in the right place. Thanks to this, all beloved necklaces, earrings, and bracelets will be perfectly arranged and properly exposed. If you have been thinking about office metamorphosis for a long time - choose graphics with motivational slogans and tags. They will bring you or your associates a portion of mental energy and make your workplace more comfortable. You can choose from dozens of designs and motifs of images with hangers.

You can easily create the desired decorative effect within your interior. You can select several similar or completely different styles - each arrangement will gain unique accents attracting attention.

The decorative hanger was made in deco technology with high aesthetic value. It is a print on satin paper of 200 g/m 2, glued to the HDF board, reinforced with a 1.5 cm thick MDF frame. The secret of attractiveness is the fact that the above frame is invisible to the viewer, and the image takes on the 3D features.

Each picture (except for hangers with a clock - which have only two hangers) is equipped with five pieces of 3.5 cm hangers; the upper row has three hangers ( a distance of 11 cm between them), the bottom row has two hangers (9 cm distance). At the back, the decorative hanger is equipped with two comfortable, round mounting holes for hooks.

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