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Deco-panel collections

Two pictures are always better than one! It is always better to buy a few pictures because when they are combined, they will certainly brighten your dull interiors at least twice as strong! Similar colors, the same format, and same themes surely can work wonders! Are you confused the mess in your collection?  Our paintings of still life, excellent views will allow you to demystify the boredom in your home or office instantly!  Just give us a  chance and enough time to prepare a deco-picture collection that will surely satisfy all of your expectations! All of the products in this category are made with an innovative technology which can easily rival with any canvas painting! Our collection is carefully printed on a lightweight (200g/m2) paper. The crease-resistant material is carefully placed on an HDF board, which is additionally strengthened by an MDF frame which is 15mm thick. This simple trick strengthen the depth of the picture making it even more attractive to potential viewer’s eye!

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