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A new dimension of advertising

Show off what's best in your industry at all possible angles.

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Decor for your company

Are you considering changes in visual key and improving the image of your brand? Want to stay ahead of the competition and impress your customers? It's simpler than you think.

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Załoga konsultantów już czeka na Ciebiez bezpłatną poradą. Przygotujemy ofertęskrojoną na miarę Twojej przestrzeni.

A new dimension of advertising

Exhibitions, events, meet - ups, shows, premieres of the latest collections and tempting sales - is a real challenge. Show off what is best in your industry at all possible angles. Turn ordinary advertising into joy, fun and color

Here are the possibilities of our advertising products and benefits for you...

  • Tryptyk
    Book type screen - double wing. For customer choice symmetrical or asymmetrical version (wings of different width)
    - dimensions of the product according to the customer's needs
  • Tryptyk
    Triptych type screen. Choose your version
    - symmetrical - all modules of equal width,
    - asymmetrical (thanks to the enlargement of the middle module you get a surface for presenting a large amount of printed text in one piece, e.g. full business card, logo, important slogans.
  • Tryptyk
    Tent type screen. Interesting, extremely eye-catching aesthetic shape. It will be perfect for events as a sign of the information booth - in a small gap between the standing wings you can place platforms, leaflets, leaflets, catalogs
  • Tryptyk
    Harmony type screen. You can choose:
    - 5 wings and more ...
    - symmetrical (all wings in one width)
    - asymmetrical (the width of the individual wings determines the customer)
You already know Roll-ups. Feel the difference of Feeby screens
- lightweight, stable construction
- the format and dimensions specified by the customer (4 modules and more)
- double-sided printing including edges, which makes the product look aesthetically pleasing
- matte finish on canvas does not reflect light
- large printable surface for any purpose
- professionally organizes exhibition and advertising space

Benefits of cooperation

Competitive prices of decorations & paintings - from 12 zł.
We focus on native quality as Europe's largest Polish manufacturer with 20 years of experience in the interior decoration industry.
Attractive discount packages for a "good start" for start-ups.
We keep up with trends and create ultra-modern decorations tailored to individual needs.
Wiemy jak ważny jest dla Ciebie PR biznesowy, dlatego stworzyliśmy ofertę, która odmieni na duży plus wizerunek Twojej siedziby.
Efficient and professional service - we have our own logistics facilities to ensure that your order always arrives on time and at the right address.

Zamawiam ofertę

Załoga konsultantów już czeka na Ciebiez bezpłatną poradą. Przygotujemy ofertęskrojoną na miarę Twojej przestrzeni.
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