Shipping time

Orders submitted at are realized at an express rate so you can enjoy the art quickly. We will send the item within 48 hours from the date of placing the order and accepting the payment. You can check the exact date of shipment of your product in the delivery details. If you order more products, their shipping time can be found in the shopping cart.

Delivery time may be shorter if requested image is a pattern we propose (not your picture). You will receive an order's shipping information by e-mail.

Courier will deliver your order the next business day from the day of sending the package. The exact time of shipment is not dependent on us, although in 99.9% of cases it is just one business day.

Shipping security

All images are encapsulated, which protects your product from external damages. Also, shipments are insured to the full value of the shipment. It all makes buying at Feeby a pleasure.

Track your shipment in transit! We provide the shipping number and carrier name so you can locate your order. If necessary, contact the courier quickly to arrange the delivery date and time.

If you want to change the place of delivery, wait for the courier to contact you and give him a new address in the same city. If need to replace the delivery location, contact us, because for security reasons only we can change courier delivery address.

Shipping costs

We send shipments from the warehouse in Poland. It is in Poland that we produce all images, what guarantees their quality. We will send the order to any country in the world. Then we only accept payment in advance. Shipping costs below apply to transportation on the territory of Poland. For the valuation of shipping abroad, please contact or read the information below - in the section "Shipping abroad."

  • Courier (prepaid) 9,95 £
  • Courier (cash on delivery) 19,95 £

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Shipping abroad

The order completion time

Delivery times are expressed in business days and are based on average transit times in the DPD network for packages shipped from Poland. Guaranteed service time in the road service is 7 days. This guarantee does not cover deliveries to countries outside the European Union and Scandinavia, for which the guaranteed delivery date is 14 days. For delivery to individuals, DPD Poland informs that the delivery time can be 1-3 business days longer than the standard one.

DPD GUARANTEE - Guaranteed Delivery Day

International road transport with a guaranteed delivery date covers select countries serviced by DPD. DPD GUARANTEE is an alternative service to the air service, both in terms of time and price. The delivery times shown in the table are guaranteed: if the service conditions are not met, DPD Poland will refund the cost of the service. The shipment is monitored at every step of the way so that we can respond promptly in the event of unexpected obstructions, preventing delays in delivery. Some postal codes in the countries covered by the DPD GUARANTEE service are not available on this site (you can find detailed information by clicking the following link "DPD GUARANTEE").

Documents related to shipments abroad:

General principles of international shipping

Basic price list for international shipments

DPD GUARANTEE - Guaranteed Delivery Day


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