We have been in the decoration for generations,

and we are still creating new designs... ever since 1994.

Do you want to get to know us? We will lift the veil of secrecy...
It will be hard for you to believe, but Feeby is a 20-year-old and mature brand with a family tradition. Experience in the industry and still young at heart remains open to trends in interior design.
The beginnings were difficult and motivational - as in the family. The first "swallows" - frames and paintings produced in Zielona Góra were the answer to contemporary fashion - popular brushwork images. It is possible that many of you or your parents still have them in their homes.

Artists at Feeby - how can a few people change the look of the interior (almost) around the world?

Fascinated by the process of creating unique ornaments, we chose the direction and set the bar under the motto: high quality and hard work. We have rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Or rather, several hundred thousand works.
We invited young, talented artists, aspiring designers & photographers, with whom we were chatting through the hours on projects to achieve the best end result. The process of creation was not without its trials and errors, but we quickly came to perfection.
We asked the question "Will they like it or not?" only once. We have not waited a long time for the answer - the original paintings have huge demand in the market, so in the express mode we were flooded with orders. It was a good moment for another step forward - we decided unanimously one evening.

Construction of the production hall and machine park:

Over the decades, the company has undergone a dynamic metamorphosis following the tastes of customers and trends in interior decoration. Our products keeping up with the time gained a better reputation thanks to our own machine park in Nowe Miasteczko near Zielona Gora. We have equipped it with a professional wood dryer, carpentry, paint shop. Artists' and painters' workshops were replaced by ultra-modern facilities in the production hall, where the entire manufacturing and assembly process is subject to strict quality control under the watchful eye of professionals. There are several hundred pictures and frames being manufactured in this place.

European market - good art with a great range

Establishing our own production base turned out to be a bullseye, a chance to attract foreign customers and wonderful co-workers. We use it at 100%. Thanks to extensive contacts we know what the current trends are and we keep our fingers on the pulse of technological innovation in the creation of works of art. Today, our decorative products are delivered to almost every home and business in Europe. You will also find them in the largest supermarkets where they are sold in thousands.

Unique images - one pattern and so many ways...

Unusual solutions in the images? This is an excuse for us to create a unique decoration that you will remember for a long time. The picture was no longer just a canvas or a framed view - it's a classic. Our motto is "Perfection can always be improved," so we constantly invent new styles and formats - two dimensions are not enough for us.
We will give you more opportunities and pleasure in creating space around you.

For the customer - your satisfaction and interior are our priority.

Creating inspirational decorations has become a daily passion. And how is it in the family - we have poured the love we share into our common child - the images. And now our greatest love is Feeby, where our customers' dreams of unique decorations at affordable prices and high standards of service are becoming a reality. It has not changed for more than 20 years.

Cooperation with photographers and graphic artists

Feeby is open to artistic innovation and creative individualism - that is why we love and support all artists, presenting their work within the range of the shop.
Or maybe you, an artist, want to reveal yourself and gain prestige?  Feeby will be happy to help you (contact button here) in the process of profitable sales and reaching a wide audience of your creativity.
Call us or write. We will contact you within 24 hours.

the Feeby gallery you will also get unique and original works created by painters, graphic artists, and photographers in a variety of artistic techniques.
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