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3D Letters

Songs, quotes, posters, and neon ads look great because of the unusual fonts and the attractive color. Words and letters inform, define thoughts and feelings. And if you give them a three-dimensional form? They will look even more interesting, like small sculptural forms that will add finesse to many interiors and express a significant message. Spatial letters, characters, and words available in the 3D category are another product dedicated to demanding space that needs a specific and unadorned decoration. They may appear as separate words, but they also look great in the company of other words.

Our sculpture letters were cut out of a durable 2.5 cm thick MDF, which we covered with a sustainable and non-abrasive paint: white, black and gray, while the rest of the patterned texture was covered with a durable veneer. The uppercase letters are 18 cm high and 14 cm lower (minus). The letters can stand or hang, as each of them on the reverse side has a large opening, which makes the assembly very simple and can be exposed on the wall in any configuration. Typography is trendy and comfortable. The three-dimensional word Love or Home will successfully make sense of the picture and can be a perfect supplement to, for example, a typographic poster. Inspire yourself and see our products.

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